Business Solutions

The fastest growing industry, Information Technology & Communications (IT&C) has become essential for any business. KOSMIK advises companies on stabilizing IT systems and data security and protection.


Professional Consultancy

Complete analysis of existing equipment and applications performed by running software specifically designed to scan and extract the information needed to determine the subsequent actions of the steps to streamline performance.


Infrastructure Analysis

Performance Check

Vulnerability Control

Storage Centralization


Choosing Integration

Server Connection

Transfer Configuration

Protection Installation


Systems Synchronization

After the detailed analysis, we establish together what will be implemented in the system for the ideal functionality, and the configuration will be done by specialized personnel who will subsequently provide permanent technical support.



KOSMIK is a professional team, which is involved and perfectly understands what is needed in our field of activity, the supply of medical supplies.

Eduard Lazăr

CEO, Health COncept

I just purchased a Cloud Linex service and received all the information and support from the KOSMIK team. Thank you, I recommend 100%.

C. Vâlceanu

Administrator, Play Grid

In the hotels business, applications and software are needed for the activity to be carried out correctly. Thank you KOSMIK for the collaboration!

Ovidiu Pascu

General Manager, Brandeberg

The system is excellent! I own an IT company, and the collaboration with KOSMIK is a high level of professionalism. Congratulations to the whole team!

Andrei Anichitoaei

CEO, Digital Life Solutions

Our real estate platform is protected by an experienced IT company, which gives us better results and more satisfied customers. Thank you!

Denisa Moraru

Broker, Perla Imobiliare

With the development of technology, agriculture had to be digitized, and we achieved this with the help of KOSMIK company. Thank you, great job!

Maria Buzea

Agronomist Engineer, Agrar Mar



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