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Data Management


Digital information (data) is copied and then saved in optical or electromagnetic form and uses storage media such as HDD, SSD, USB, RAM, CD or Servers. Depending on the size of the saved data, each storage unit has a space that is measured in: Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, Petabyte, Exabyte, Zettabyte, Yottabyte.


It may happen that the drive on which the files were saved in digital format will fail, in which case all the information will be lost. The solution is to recover the data from another location, if it was sent to an external storage space, such as a server, and here the administrators will save the data to multiple drives.


Increasingly, the method of storage in the Cloud is being used, a virtual space where IT&C companies receive their customers, who access the platform using a password. It can reserve any volume starting with 1 GB and can reach as many as the customer wants, depending on the size of the files it stores. It’s a simple way to keep your data safe at a distance.

Safe Protection


Antivirus is a program that is installed on a drive that has an operating system and is essential to eliminate the risk of a computer attack. In addition to data protection, such software is essential for securing the operating system, existing applications, personal data, financial information, important documents.


Systems are exposed to computer attacks when they present vulnerabilities in the hardware or software part of a computer or network. If the system is not secure, the attacker will exploit this and, once accessing the system, can control, modify, copy, send or install malicious files on that network.


Most operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android) have this protection preinstalled, it can be enabled / disabled. Cybersecurity companies have developed larger Firewall models to protect internal and external networks from attackers (hackers).

Network Connection


The Internet is a global network of computers or other units with particular virtual addresses that are connected to each other by the “Transmission Control Protocol” and the “Internet Protocol” (TCP / IP). This huge data network is essential for the operation of computers, various machines or electronics that have integrated the connection function.


Computers and other devices such as external drives and storage servers, printers, routers, or applications are interconnected and form the network of an office or building. Depending on the demands, all data is transmitted encrypted, ensuring additional protection of the internal data system, and the information is automatically decrypted at the destination.


The role of a server is to receive and share information from multiple computers or equipment connected to the Internet and can accommodate thousands of users who access the space remotely. It can be a simple PC or multiple HDD storage units or SSDs that together form a “rack” that can reach values ​​of many GB.



KOSMIK is a professional team, which is involved and perfectly understands what is needed in our field of activity, the supply of medical supplies.

Eduard Lazăr

CEO, Health Concept

I just purchased a Cloud Linex service and received all the information and support from the KOSMIK team. Thank you, I recommend 100%.

C. Vâlceanu

Administrator, Play Grid

In the hotels business, applications and software are needed for the activity to be carried out correctly. Thank you KOSMIK for the collaboration!

Ovidiu Pascu

General Manager, Brandeberg

The system is excellent! I own an IT company, and the collaboration with KOSMIK is a high level of professionalism. Congratulations to the whole team!

Andrei Anichitoaei

CEO, Digital Life Solutions

Our real estate platform is protected by an experienced IT company, which gives us better results and more satisfied customers. Thank you!

Denisa Moraru

Broker, Perla Imobiliare

With the development of technology, agriculture had to be digitized, and we achieved this with the help of KOSMIK company. Thank you, great job!

Maria Buzea

Agronomist Engineer, Agrar Mar



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