The origins of the Linux operating system lie in the “open source” world in which users contribute to the development and growth of software. Over the years, not only has Linux hosting grown in popularity, but it has emerged quite a bit as the de facto standard of web hosting.

Linux web hosting is just as appropriate, whether you have a large community site or a small business site. Your business needs and the scripting language with which your website will be built play a role in selecting the platform on which your website will be hosted. However, Linux is suitable for most web hosting requirements and has many advantages. This article lists and explains some of the benefits of using a Linux hosting platform.

Linux Hosting Advantage 1: Opensource means free

Open source means that users contribute to the development and refinement of the software’s source code. It also means that the source code of the operating system is not licensed to a company and this means that there are no fees associated with using the software. You can download and start using the operating system for free, not only to get started, but also to develop any application running on the platform.

Linux Hosting Advantage 2: Opensource means growth

Another advantage of open source software is that users contribute to its development. If you’re experiencing issues or want a feature, other users may be experiencing it, and more than likely, someone would have developed a solution or update that meets the need. This ensures that the platform grows and stays abreast of rapidly changing needs and web hosting requirements.

Linux Hosting Advantage 3: Opensource means flexibility

Because it is an open source platform, the Linux hosting operating system can support all kinds of systems. Most commercial and commercial solutions work best with their own systems and a limited set of solutions they are compatible with. With an open source solution in which developers around the world are working to strengthen compatibility with emerging solutions, the Linux hosting platform offers the flexibility that most commercial platforms cannot match.

Linux Hosting Advantage 4: Compatibility

Linux is compatible with the most common development platforms such as PHP, MySQL and Perl. Unless the coding required for your website is very extensive, developing applications for a Linux hosting platform can prove to be quite inexpensive compared to other hosting options.

Linux Hosting Advantage 5: Variety

The Linux hosting platform allows you to run as many different forms of databases as you prefer. It is perfectly compatible with the most popular databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. It also supports other databases and this means that it allows you the variety you need to develop your web functionality without constraints.

Linux Hosting Advantage 6: Security

This is a feature for which Linux is most famous. Provides unmatched security. It is by far the most robust web hosting platform and allows users to do almost anything on the server without worrying about stability.

Linux Hosting Advantage 7: Speed ​​and Stability

The Linux hosting platform is also known for its efficiency. Most developers will agree that Linux loads and runs much faster than other web hosting platforms. Along with this efficiency, the Linux hosting platform also has a reputation for stability.

Linux Hosting Advantage 8: Simplicity

Many compare Linux to the easy-to-use interface of Windows and assume that Linux is a complicated platform. On the contrary, it is quite simple and uncomplicated as a platform and this lends it well for customization.

As the general standards of web hosting platforms have evolved, most people think that your hosting platform is a matter of personal choice. Not true. The needs of your website and the growth plan designed should determine your hosting platform. You can’t go wrong with choosing Linux for most applications. Click here to learn more about the Linux hosting options and plans offered by Kosmik Systems.